Animated Jump to Page with Hooks

While PageView AnimToPage works perfectly for navigating between pages with elegant animation, it does not navigate directly to non-contiguous pages; here we show you how to get this feature using hooks.

Building a cached network video with Flutter Hooks and Riverpod.
Cache persistence video widget using Hooks and Riverpod

Building cache components has never been so easy: a hook (flutter_hooks) around here, a cache manager (flutter_cache_manager) there, and a powerful dependency injector (riverpod) to stick all the pieces together and you get the component you need to power the video presentation.

Remark + Unified(Rehype) are the core of the React-Mardown library.
Three different ways to render a videos using React-Markdown

Despite how popular NextJS has become in recent months and how easy it is to write content in `markdown` based text editors, there are no tutorials on how to render videos from this language to React; well, here we will see three easy ways to do it.

Firebase Cloud Messages for Push Notifications.
Yet another Ionic React Firebase Push Notifications tutorial

Although there are several tutorials that explain how to handle Firebase Push Notifications, they are all focused on the use of Ionic/Angular; well, this tutorial explains how to do it using Ionic/React.